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10 Year Challenge

It seems as though everyone is taking part in the “10-year challenge” on Social Media this week. So we thought it was only right that Silver Fox took part too!

In the past 10 years the appearance of our Labacus® software has changed quite a bit but along with aesthetic improvements we have also made many improvements to the software itself using feedback from our customers.

In the past 10 years our customers have benefited from the following improvements:

  • Fox-in-a-Box® automatic USB port identification for true Plug’N’Play
  • Colour fonts and backgrounds
  • Resistor Colour coding
  • Multiple list capability
  • Bar Codes and QR codes
  • Video help incorporated into Software
  • New software including the following: Farnell Pro-Power Templates & CommScope Templates

All of these benefits have been included in our free software updates and our customers also receive free technical support without an annual licence fee. Once you purchase the software you are protected from any additional costs unless you chose to upgrade and even then there is only a small administration fee on top of the incremental difference in the price of the software.

Let us know what you think of the improvements!

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