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A sunny day in Welwyn Garden City, which has been the home of Silver Fox since 1986.

WGC is located just 25 miles north of London. For information – Since London itself is a big city, to give a better idea of how this is measured, distances to and from London are always taken from a point in London on the south side of Trafalgar Square. This is pretty much in sight of Buckingham Palace and a short walk from Whitehall, the home of our civil service. Off Whitehall, there is of course – Downing Street the official residence of the Prime Minister at Number 10. Number 10 is itself just a very short walk to Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament). I am pretty sure that the PM even for this short distance takes a car but not so long ago they would have walked the few hundred yards.

Although WGC is one of only 2 such Garden City towns in the UK, the format influenced urban designers across the world. By way of example: Canberra – Australia, Hellerau – Germany  Tapanila – Finland and in the USA: Residence Park – New Rochelle New York, Woodbourne – Boston, Chatham Village in Pittsburgh and so on …

I have no doubt that living and working in an area of trees and greenery and plants is a lot more pleasant. To add to this in our own small way we also have particular plants and shrubs to encourage insect life at the front of our factory. Lavender for bees, Budlia for bees and butterflies as well as other types of vegetation.

Welwyn Garden City is a thriving mix of residential, offices and factories. Over the years it has been home to many recognised brands such as Roche, IBM, ICI, Xerox, Shredded Wheat. The world moves on, so the likes of Roche and Shredded Wheat have moved away and been replaced by other companies.

The local MP (Member of Parliament) is Grant Shapps a British Conservative Party politician, former Minister of State at the Department for International Development and former Chairman of the Conservative Party, and I believe he started his life in the label business and to this day still has a label company in west London.

So, back to that sunshine. Now, I won’t say that it shines all the time in our town, for sure we get a lot of rain as well, which is certainly why we have just invested in a complete refurbishment of our roof! But when it shines it’s a great place to be and throughout the summer we have certainly enjoyed some very special weather.

Close by there are also one of two interesting places to go including the Welwyn Roman Baths and Shaw’s Corner in Ayot St Lawrence (the home of George Bernard Shaw and his wife Charlotte for 44 years)

Photo and Blog –  Nick Michaelson.



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