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Silver Fox have invested a great deal of time and money in researching and developing our software and labelling products. This commitment to continuous innovation has been responsible for a long list of industry firsts designed to make life easier for our customers by simplifying processes, improving quality, durability and performance, saving time or reducing costs.


Automated Krone Block Labelling introduced

First company to introduce automated pre-perforated sheets for labelling Krone Blocks tied into a template in our labelling software


Sofware with pre-built templates for all the major manufacturers launched

First company to offer labelling software with pre-built templates for all the major manufacturers of patch panels in conjunction with purpose made labels


Introduction of EIA/TIA 606 colour-coded labels

First company to introduce EIA/TIA 606 colour-coded labels


Introduction of 32-bit labelling software

First company to introduce a 32-bit labelling software

Introduction of laser printable tie-on cable labels

First company to introduce laser printable tie-on cable labels

Tests begin of our pipeline ID tape

First company to test our pipeline ID tape according to the stringent SAE J 1960 test


DDF Frame label identification methodology introduced

First company to introduce the methodology via a commercial labelling software to identify labels on DDF Frames


Non-jargon context-sensitive help launched

Introduced non-jargon context-sensitive help in our software including screen dumps, photographs, tutorials and worked examples


“Plug’N’Play” thermal printer released

First company to introduce a ‘Plug’N’Play’ thermal printer

Introduction of 50mm length label for 2-part wire marking

First company to introduce a 50mm length label for 2-part wire marking


“try-before-you-buy” downloadable labelling software released

First labelling company to introduce a ‘try-before-you-buy’ web-downloadable labelling software


Labels tested for H2S

First company to test labels for H2S


Multiple rolls of heatshrink printing available

Introduction of multiple rolls of heatshrink for printing through our thermal printer

Automatic software updates released

First labelling company to include automated web-update on our labelling software.


Introduction of satellite software technology

First company to introduce satellite software technology in conjunction with our Professional labelling software

Our Professional labelling software gets cross-ferruling feature

Introduced cross-ferruling into our Professional labelling software

Laser printable 2-part system launched

First company to introduce laser printable 2-part system

Resistor colour-coding functionality released

First company to include resistor colour-coding functionality into labelling software for wire markers via a standard colour laser printer

Multiple roll non-shrink tubing introduced

First company to introduce multiple roll non-shrink tubing for wire marking


DTP-1 Thermal Printer Launched

Introduced our DTP-1 Thermal Printer


Solar Panel Warning labels launched

Introduced our Solar Panel Warning labels


On-line support portal goes live

Launched our on-line technical support site


Fox-Flo® guidance system launched

Introduced the Fox-Flo® guidance system


Small Quantities Option Announced

Introduced supply option allowing small quantities of 6 different colour options of our P/TAG range.

8000 Hour UV Test Completed

8000 hours of UV Testing completed for our Fox-Flo® and Endurance® range.


New update release of Labacus® Innovator Software

Unicode, Greatly expanded video help, Improved plug’n’play printer interface, Completely reworked data entry areas, Improved colour facilities.


New Update Release Of Labacus® Innovator Software

Pipe Marking via plug’n’play, New software including the following templates: Farnell Pro-Power Templates & CommScope Templates


First UK owned UK manufacturer of Ladder Heatshrink

The introduction of Ladder Heatshrink, manufactured on site.


Major Release of Labacus® Innovator Software

Rollback function, Graphical fine-tune, Drag and Drop graphics, Complete range of Belden LabelFlex® templates