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Sequels are famously never as good as the original. Jaws: The Revenge was bad enough to make you want to go swimming again, and The Sting II begs the question of ‘how you could get stung twice?’

However, like anything, there are always exceptions to the rule. Throughout the years, Silver Fox has issued minor tweaks to the Fox-in-a-Box® instruction manual, but never a complete overhaul.

On Monday 25th May, Silver Fox will be releasing a brand-new user guide detailing all of the latest features of the Fox-in-a-Box® and how to quickly and easily set it up to print all the latest additions to our range and get the most out of your printer.
Why the change?
Silver Fox is committed to providing excellent customer service, from the moment you approach us for information to discuss your project right through to ordering our products, and then support should you have any questions.  We even now help many customers via TeamViewer showing them in moments how they can save even more time.

Although the current Fox-in-a-Box® instruction manual is well regarded by many of our customers helpful, coherently written, and easy to read. Over the previous months, we have had the opportunity to sit down with customers and understand what we can do to further improve it for the end-user and illustrate the steps.
Watch this space for new content…
A reminder that Silver Fox is still OPEN FOR BUSINESS despite the current situation. The team is READY AND WAITING to help and advise you and answer any questions or concerns you have.
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