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Silver Fox Labacus® Innovator Labelling software includes all the templates for the full range of Silver Fox labelling solutions, it is also loaded with all official CommScope® Templates for all their connectivity solutions.

There are 4 levels of softwareCommscope Logo

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional

All levels include all the CommScope® Templates.  As the names suggest, they offer different levels of functionality.

Bundled with the downloaded version of the free Basic software are trial versions of the Standard/Advanced/Professional. Each offering 3 separate days of trial (9 days in total).

To compare the different functionality in the levels click here

Make labelling your signature for quality and choose CommScope® for:

  • Wrap-around self-laminating cable labels
  • Adhesive patch panel labels
  • Card patch panel labels
  • Faceplate labels
  • 110 block labels – in all 606A colours