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Fox-in-a-Box® Help Videos

How to install Labacus® Innovator Software

How to set up your Fox-in-a-Box® Printer

How to load Fox-Flo®/Fox®/Endurance® Valve Tags

How to load Legend™ LSZH Heatshrink Rolls/ Legend™ Premium Heatshrink Rolls/ Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing

How to load Legend™ LSZH Ladder Heatshrink/Legend™ Premium Ladder Heatshrink

How to load Prolab® Thermal Wrap Around Labels

How to load Prolab® Asset Labels

How to load Prolab® Raised Profile labels

How to load Legend™ Tie-on Labels

How to load Endurance® High Performance Tape

How to load Legend™ 2-Part Labels (Thermal)

L6/20, L6/30 and L6/50

How to load Legend™ 2-Part Labels (Thermal)

L8/20, L8/30 and L8/50

How to load all 3 ribbon widths 

The Fox-in-a-Box® rollback functionality explained