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Operations Director, Michelle Michaelson, wrote an article about the safety Silver Fox Labels provide to customers: 

Silver Fox are market leading manufacturers of Cable Labelling solutions worldwide.

Cables and wires must be contained and correctly labelled – safely.

Whether onshore or offshore, the oil and gas industry is exposed to the severe challenges of maintaining safe working practices in potentially explosive atmospheres or hazardous areas.

Basically, the classification of a hazardous area into Zone 1 or Zone 2 is determined by the time period a flammable atmosphere is likely to be present under international Directives, such as ATEX.

Silver Fox cable and wire making label systems are “cold-applied” (with the exception of heat shrink) and are therefore compatible for use within hazardous area locations posing no ignition source threat to the “Fire Triangle.”

Unlike traditional heat shrink wire and cable marking systems, Silver Fox can provide cold-installed cable labelling/ferruling for use in hazardous areas where working conditions preclude the application of naked flames or “hot-working”.

Advanced specification and performance wire marking and ferruling systems from Silver Fox provide safe and cost-efficient labelling of cables and wires located in hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Many thanks to our distributors Thorne and Derrick for publishing this article.

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