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Identifying Wire and Cable – Powerplant Electrical Systems

To assist in maintenance, testing and repair operations, many installers mark wire or cable with a combination of letters and numbers that identify the wire, the circuit it belongs to, the gauge number, and other information necessary to relate the wire or cable to a wiring diagram. These markings are known as the identification code or cable ident.

Each manufacturer normally develops its own ident codes as there is no standard procedure for marking and identifying wiring. Interconnected cables are usually marked to indicate the location, proper termination, and use.

Most manufacturers mark the wires at intervals of not more than 15 inches lengthwise and within 3 inches of each junction or terminating point.

Coaxial cable and wires at terminal blocks and junction boxes are often identified by individual ferules or printing a wiring sleeve rather than the wire itself.

The label type suitable can vary depending on the technical requirements of the application, for general purpose wiring, the Legend™ Non-shrink tubing is a low-cost alternative to individual ferrules. As the tube is supplied blank, there are significant stock volume/cost benefits. When printed all the characters are in-line so stay in line. So, easier to read the ident. Once positioned, the label stays in place due to the special oval design, that grips the wire. Quick and easy to produce, printing 2 rolls at a time on Advanced/Professional levels yields approximatively 23,000 x 25mm labels on our 300m ribbon. One of our Distributors printed 25,000 labels in 4 hours!

For high-temperature applications, the Legend™ Heatshrink is a good option, available in Premium or LSZH and in roll or ladder format for ease of use. Where resistance to synthetic hydraulic fluids or other solvents is necessary Silver Fox can help advise what labelling & ribbon combination may be suitable.

In any system, the marking should be legible, and the sleeve colour should contrast with the colour of the wire insulation. For example, use a black text with a light-coloured background, or white print on dark-coloured backgrounds.


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