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Labelling Network Cables

When upgrading a network, there are considerations that need to be made: “Do I need to label the patch cords going from my panels to switches?” “What can I do Instead of having to trace the wire from one end to the other?” “Is there a good technique or product for labelling network cables?” A typical response – admittedly from some years ago – was to say, “Don`t label anything. That way, you know what`s going on, but nobody else does. It makes you look good.” Labelling a network makes excellent common sense because it allows an engineer to pick up where another left off. So, while the ‘don’t label anything’ response might sound arrogant, it may also disguise the fact that the engineer knows that cables should be labelled but perhaps doesn’t know what should be printed on the labels. In any case, labelling network cables and components aren’t too difficult but it can be time-consuming. So engineers keep searching for products and systems that make this task as easy, quick and simple as possible. Consequently, convenience and economics are important considerations when deciding which cable-labelling systems and products to use. Silver Fox Prolab® Patch Panel labels, which are made from durable polyester with a special laser print receptive surface and have a strong acrylic adhesive ensures long term bonding. Used in conjunction with the Prolab® Wrap-around labels in either laser or thermal options can provide a good solution for standard installations. Silver Fox’s Legend™ Tie-on laser labels offer both a convenient and economical way of labelling larger cables and cable bundles. And, since they’re made from durable polyester, they’re particularly suitable for use with nylon or stainless steel cable ties. Authorised for use by London Underground Ltd (LUL), these labels can be printed using any standard office laser printer and our Labacus® Innovator labelling software – or, if you prefer, our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer comes with the software pre-installed and includes templates for all Silver Fox Thermal labels. “The watchwords for Labacus® Innovator software are quality and reliability,” said Nick Michaelson, Silver Fox’s CEO, “and the ‘Professional’ version of this labelling software includes the ability to import and manipulate Excel spreadsheet files, and produce idents for both ends of a wire at the same time using cross-ferruling functionality.“    
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