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Setting aside BREXIT – the week ending March 29th has been a momentous week for us.

It’s taken 7 years of hard work and determination but now we are delighted to unveil our new ladder heatshrink made by Silver Fox at our factory in Welwyn Garden City! Like others within the range, the Legend™ Ladder Heatshrink is manufactured to offer a consistently high-grade heatshrink solution.

And all ready for exporting to the 75% of the global market place outside the European Union.

Legend™ Premium is offered in a 3:1 shrink ratio that means each size covers a wider range of cable diameters. It is also specially designed to have a lower shrink temperature, which in turn saves time when shrinking onto the cable.

The final printed label has been successfully tested for High/Low Temperature, Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System. Although not designed as an external label, it has also been successfully tested for 3000 hours accelerated UV ageing.

Legend™ LSZH heatshrink is available in a 2:1 ratio and has been independently tested according to both BS EN45545-2 and UL224.

The Legend™ Ladder Heatshrink can also be printed via Fox-in-a-Box®. Still with our unique One Software, One Printer and One Ribbon for all our thermal label range.

CEO Nick Michaelson commented: “Getting our new machine to work the way we wanted and create this fantastic product has been a real challenge at every stage! Finally, we have achieved this milestone, which is now the only ladder heatshrink made in the UK by a UK owned company!”

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