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Here are just a few of the things our customers have to say about Silver Fox…

TTL Video have been using Silver Fox products for many years, and as a result, have formed a lasting partnership. From Gerladine’s fantastic customer service, through to production and delivery, it is truly a service we can and do rely on. So much so that we used Silver Fox labels to mock up one of our broadcast boxes as a humorous leaving gift for our MD who retired this year!


TTL Video

The software has been great at the pro level and fairly easy to use.

We are currently commencing a new larger data centre on the same site. We will, of course, be in touch probably in the early spring.

In the meantime thank you for being one of our valued supply chain partners.


Mercury Engineering

Very friendly, accommodating & provide an exceptional customer service. Highly recommend!



We have dealt with Silver Fox since 2005; we use hundreds of wrap around labels for our projects in the Middle East and have found them to be easy to produce, good quality, strong and long-lasting in our hot climate. I can confidently recommend Silver Fox Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.



Your technical support was extremely helpful and very responsive to my requirements – I was completely satisfied with the service I received.


ComNet Communications

I have evaluated your Labacus Innovator Professional Software and found it deceptively powerful

Capegemini Group

We’ve done our first installation using the labels and they were just the job.  We had to put some cabling in ahead of finalising design / etc. so the 2-part system was ideal, as we could complete the wiring and just use empty tubes, adding the labels later.  We have a few projects coming along in the coming weeks that will require cable markers so I think we bought at the right time.


CBM Logix

We primarily use PATCH 4L (various colours) and find it perfect for our cabling solution. With reference to the software for producing these labels, it is easy to use and not overly complicated.


Silver Fox have a product that has improved engineering time on site and eliminates labelling errors, perfect for the industry of Structured Cabling that we are in.


Jersey Telecom

Loving your work!



We used a competitors printing solution for a few years and encountered numerous problems, especially with high levels of wastage and poor print quality. The Fox-Flo system, in contrast, consistently gives us a high-quality print with zero wastage. The printer is quicker and quieter than our previous one and I love the fact that all the packaging, including the reels, are made from card and are therefore much easier to recycle or dispose of than the previous plastic reels. Silver Fox also take back all our used packaging and reels to be reused, so top marks for being environmentally friendly! The range of label types, label sizes, label colours and print colours is far greater than any of the other ranges we looked at, and this, in turn, has increased our sales by being able to offer our customers more choice. All in all a fantastic, adaptable printing solution that has been developed for use in various industries by a team of people with a passion for what they do.

For preprint work, the goods, as always, were in stock – I am usually able to place an order and collect within the hour, which is fantastic as so much of our work is needed on the same day or next day basis.

If we don’t collect, the goods are sent on a next day carrier. The sales team are always friendly, helpful, polite and efficient – just what is required.


Waverley Engraving