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Not all Low Smoke Zero Halogen Labels are the same!

As a  leading UK manufacturer of durable labelling solutions, we have successfully flame tested our Fox-Flo® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-On Cable Labels against a direct competitor’s brand.

We set up a simple test, setting a flame to our label and also to one of our leading competitors.

The results were alarming. While the competitor’s direct equivalent label started to burn after only ten seconds, propagated extremely quickly and began to emit burning particles and black smoke, the Silver Fox Fox-Flo® label didn’t start burning even after 45 seconds of contact with a constant flame. 

Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox, commented: “While our customers always tell us that Fox-Flo® labels save them time and money, they can now be sure that they’re incredibly safe as well!”

He added: “What’s less well known, however, is the time we take to choose the best material for our labels in terms of reliability and quality. Yet again, our commitment to our customers shines through.”

Fox-Flo® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-On Cable Labels are independently tested – successfully – for 8000 hours accelerated ultra-violet (UV) weathering; H2S sour gas exposure; salt mist spray; elevated temperature; low temperature; IMO FTPC Part 2, smoke and toxicity, and IMO FTPC Part 5, surface spread of flames. They also have London Underground (LUL) approval.





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