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Tunnel-boring under the English Channel, working in the diamond mines of South Africa and even fishing and seafood processing in Alaska are just some of the jobs – and venues – where pneumatic and hydraulic technicians are in high demand. Increasingly, pneumatics is playing a key part in a wide variety of projects, worldwide – and where there are pneumatics, there’s a need for robust and accurate labelling. That’s because warning labels and/or signs help to prevent operator-induced error – as well as potential future lawsuits arising from the consequences of such errors.

That’s where the Silver Fox, Legend™ Non-shrink tubing labels come in – because they’re ideally suited to labelling pneumatics. These labels are highly beneficial because they communicate the rules, instructions, warnings and key training tips to those who work with these systems exactly as and when they most need to know about them.

It’s important to post key operating parameters on every hydraulic system. Clearly labelled pneumatics and hydraulics should help to reduce downtime through preventative maintenance, boost productivity and help reduce accidents to staff, contractors and the public. Without this labelling, companies can leave themselves open to substantial claims simply because they fail to provide a suitable warning. From a safety point of view, this labelling is vital – so that engineers and technicians can know if there are any abnormal variations during a machine’s or system’s operations.

Useful information to put on a label that’s easily accessible includes such things as operating temperatures, temperature drops across heat exchangers, pump and motor case pressures, pump inlet restriction, operating pressures, pump flows, hydraulic motor displacement and accumulator pre-charge pressures.

Putting all this information in a manual – which may or may not be read – is all very well but the chances are that all this is information that needs to be known when the engineer/ technician/ mechanic is on-site, working with the machine/ system.

When it comes to labelling pneumatics and hydraulics, it’s unlikely that simple, standard, generic labels will suffice. It’s more likely that you’ll need to produce your own, specific labels – and those labels need to be resistant to oil and other chemicals, UV light and be able to withstand extremes of temperature for lengthy periods.

Currently, one of the most cost-effective ways of doing this is by using Silver Fox’s Legend™ Non-shrink tubing. Using the Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal Printer Kit which include the Labacus® Innovator labelling software, which also enables labels to be printed on any laser printer, users can choose the length of their ident. This provides a high degree of flexibility with minimum waste.

These non-shrink tubing labels are specially designed to ensure there’s:

  • Maximum grip on the wire/cable
  • No limit to the length of the ident
  • A wide range of diameters, from OD 1mm to 6mm

Due to the conditions under which the pneumatics or hydraulics systems are operating, the non-shrink tubing may be preferable to using the alternative of heat shrink tubing as there is no requirement to use a heat gun to secure.

Alternatives include the following:

Legend™ Heat-shrink

Prolab® Wrap-rounds Labels

Fox-Flo® LSZH, UV stable Tie-on Labels

Solutions for warning labels include:

Pipe and Valve Labels

Equipment Labels

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