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Cable Labels

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  • LSZH Ladder Roll square

    Legend™ LSZH Ladder Heatshrink

  • LHS Ladder Roll square

    Legend™ Premium Ladder Heatshrink

  • Fox-Flo square

    Fox-Flo® UV Stable, LSZH Tie-on Cable Labels

  • Fox-Label2

    Fox® Tie-on Cable Labels

  • LHS Heatshrink LR

    Legend™ Premium Heatshrink Rolls

  • Non shrink on cable LR

    Legend™ Non-shrink Tubing

  • Legend™ LT/10-14 2-Part System Tubing Cable OD ø 10-14mm 1

    Legend™ Part System Tubing

  • Legend 2 part square

    Legend™ Laser 2-Part System Labels

  • Legend 2 part square

    Legend™ Thermal 2-Part System Labels

  • Legend-Heatshrink-Markers

    Legend™ LHS3-1T Heatshrink Markers – Small OD ø 1-3mm

  • Legend-Heatshrink-Markers

    Legend™ LHS6-2T Heatshrink Markers – Medium OD ø 2-6mm

  • Legend-Heatshrink-Markers

    Legend™ LHS12-4T Heatshrink Markers – Large OD ø4-12mm

  • LSZH Heatshrink LR

    Legend™ LSZH Heatshrink Rolls

  • Legend-Tie-On1

    Legend™ Thermal Tie-on Cable Labels

  • legend tie-on on wire

    Legend™ Laser Tie-on Cable Labels

  • Prolab-Wrap-Around

    Prolab® Laser Self-laminating wrap-around labels