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Endurance® Laser Engraved Labels

Laser Engraved Labels


Endurance® Acrylic Laser Engraved Labels are an extremely durable factory produced tie-on cable label. We can produce them with whatever information is required, in one or more lines and with different font styles/sizes (even on the same label). There are 2 thicknesses available; 0.5mm and 1.6mm in a range of colour options depending on the thickness.


Test highlights include:

  • 8000 hours successful NDT accelerated UV ageing
  • H2S Sour Gas
  • Low Temperature
  • High Temperature*

* In-House Tested.


Popular colours (depending on thickness) include:

Print           Background
Black White
Red White
Black Yellow
White Red
White Green
White Blue

Other colours available on request.


Factory produced to your exact requirements.


We can also supply both stainless steel and plastic cable ties. These can also be pre-mounted onto the labels.

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Endurance® Laser Engraved Labels Technical Information

Thickness:0.5mm (0.020") or 1.6mm (0.063")
Adhesive:High-tack acrylic adhesive
Temperature Tolerance:70°C (158°F)
Engraving:Laser engraved
RoHS:RoHS compliant

Laser Engraved Tie-on Labels are Custom Made to Your Requirements.

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