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Prolab® P/TAG Self-Adhesive Equipment Labels


The P/TAG label range is made from durable polyester with a special laser print receptive surface. A strong acrylic adhesive ensures long term bonding.

Typically, they can be used for equipment/data outlets/patch panels etc. Size options are from 15mm x 6mm up to A4.

These labels are designed for internal use, as a guide to their durability, the final printed (white) label has been successfully independently tested for 3000 hours accelerated UV ageing.

The P/TAG/A4L and the PS/29730L labels can be used to identify cabinets and also the panel designations within each cabinet.


The finished printed labels have been successfully independently tested to 85°C for 1000 hours. They have also been tested for Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System. Although designed for internal use the printed white labels have been successfully independently tested for 3000 hours accelerated UV ageing.

For full information on testing please refer to Product Datasheet.


There is a small cost supplement for colour label packs.

Also consider colour blocking label background on white labels using Advanced/Professional software and colour laser printer.


Labacus Innovator ® Lite/Basic/Advanced/Professional & Professional Satellite (for distant site printing of Professional output).

Download free trials of Basic/Advanced/Professional here.


Print via ordinary office laser printer.


  • In addition to the “fine tune” options, to be extra sure about print alignment Labacus Innovator® software also includes a “printer calibration” option, this helps to match your specific printer to the software. This extra matching option is particularly helpful if you are printing onto small labels and/or need to include a lot of information on your labels.
  • The fine tune option adjusts the settings for the template (rather than the job) so next time you select the template the software will remember your fine tune settings.
  • Wherever possible print onto a blank paper sheet first, then offer this up to the blank label sheet. If needed, fine tune adjustments can be made in the software dialogue box.
  • To remove labels from sheet: fold sheet along the cut line, then flick up the labels.

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Material: 50 micron self-adhesive polyester
Release liner:75 micron synthetic
RoHS:RoHS compliant
Printing:Laser printers only


Product CodeLabel Dimensions (mm)Labels per SheetSheets Per PackLabels Per Pack 
P/TAG/1212L12 x 1232010 3200
P/TAG/1438L14 x 388410 840
P/TAG/1506L15 x 650410 5040
P/TAG/1512L15 x 1224010 2400
P/TAG/1608L16 x 836010 3600
P/TAG/1709L17 x 930810 3080
P/TAG/2008L20 x 827010 2700
P/TAG/2207L22 x 728810 2880
P/TAG/2412L24 x 1216010 1600
P/TAG/2610L26 x 1016110 1610
P/TAG/3007L30 x 721010 2100
P/TAG/3030L30 x 304010 400
P/TAG/3318L33 x 186510 650
P/TAG/3812L38 x 1210010 1000
P/TAG/4809L48 x 911210 1120
P/TAG/5522L55 x 223310 330
P/TAG/6036L60 x 362110 210
P/TAG/29730L297 x 30710 70
P/TAG/A5L210 x 148.5210 20
P/TAG/A4L297 x 210110 10