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Endurance® Modular ID System Characters


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Endurance® Modular is made-up of two elements; durable 1-metre length black plastic rails and separate black on yellow characters which slide into the rail to complete the ID.

There are two different heights of character and matching rail; 17mm and 30mm. The 17mm height system incorporates black characters that are raised on the yellow background. In this way even in dirty conditions, they can be easily read. For the other sizes, the black characters and yellow background are protected by a special see-through surface

Endurance® Modular ID System Characters.
Ideal for labelling pipes, valves and equipment.


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Yellow on Black


Character -, Character A, Character B, Character C, Character D, Character E, Character F, Character G, Character H, Character I, Character J, Character K, Character L, Character M, Character N, Character O, Character P, Character Q, Character R, Character S, Character T, Character U, Character V, Character W, Character X, Character Y, Character Z, Number 0, Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6, Number 7, Number 8, Number 9

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