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QR code vs Barcode?

A QR code or Quick Response Code is a type of matrix barcode, first designed in 1994 for the Automotive Industry in Japan it quickly became popular outside the automotive industry due to its greater storage capacity and readability compared to the standard UPC Barcodes. Used to hold applications such as product information, coupons, websites links, event details and general marketing, the QR code consists of black and white symbols that can be read by an imaging device such as a camera and is processed using REED-Solomon error correction until the image can be correctly interpreted.

The Barcode is a common way for businesses to identify packaged consumer goods and manage inventory. On these type of products, the barcode would hold information such as the price and name of the manufacturer. Normally rectangular in shape, the Barcode requires a scanning device to read their data horizontally. In manufacturing the barcode is usually used to manage inventory and process incoming and outgoing orders.

With the Silver Fox Professional version of Labacus® Innovator Software you can quickly and easily create Barcodes and QR codes, print on any of our Labels either via a normal office laser printer or the Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal printer kit.

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