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Oil and Gas Labelling solutions

Durability and safety are essential in this industry. Having supported this industry for over 25 years, Silver Fox is familiar with the harsh environments that their labelling solutions are expected to withstand.

It is because of this that Silver Fox has invested in independent testing – to ensure the labels will not fade, or fall off.

Our Legend™ Non-shrink Tubing is a fantastic alternative to the use of Ferrules in hazardous environments as there are no requirements for a heat gun. Cable Idents can be produced quickly and easily saving you time and money. The Legend™ Non-shrink Tubing range is independently tested for extreme conditions including High/Low Temperature, Salt Mist Spray and H2S.

Extra time savings can be achieved when used in conjunction with our Fox-in-a-Box®, running two rolls at the same time will also give a better return on the thermal ribbon.

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