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Self-laminating adhesive cable labels – The benefits

While it’s obviously important to label cables – not least to aid engineers’ understanding and prevent any costly errors – it’s even more important that those labels survive and continue to be legible. That’s the value of wrap-around self-laminating cable labels – such as Silver Fox’s Prolab® range.

Available in laser or thermal printer options, Silver Fox’s self-laminating adhesive labels protect the ident (ID) on the label. Unusually for wrap-around self-laminating labels, the Prolab® range includes labels up to 50mm wide, to accommodate longer cable IDs. In addition, with environmental considerations becoming more prominent these days, all Silver Fox Prolab® thermally printable labels are made of polyethylene – a material which is more environmentally friendly than the PVC which is traditionally used for such labels.

For use in Data Centres, Silver Fox has created custom-sized wrap-around, self-laminating label to optimise the label readability once it was applied to a cable. At times, standard sized labels on the market tend to be either too small, making identification problematic, or too big.  Silver Fox has created a solution that is ‘just right’ with the optimal label for the task – and, crucially, this ensures a very high identification rate.

Our customers can manage all aspects of their data centres – which can cost tens of millions of pounds to build and operate. With standard labels, the time to identify a cable could be longer and this leads to lower staff productivity and the potential for processes not being followed.

What sets Silver Fox apart is its team’s commitment to giving exceptional service and support. We’re constantly evolving and improving our solutions – thanks to our own product development team and, importantly, user feedback. This feedback from our customers across the world is particularly helpful.  We know engineers take a common sense approach which matches our own approach to labelling. What they want are solutions that are easy to set up and use; powerful enough to address their real-world needs; simple and fast to run. They want labels from a dependable source and final products that are reliable and durable – and we agree!

Nick Michaelson, CEO at Silver Fox says “The problem with our labels is that they don’t fall off! Independent tests show their durability.”

In today’s increasingly cost-conscious times, using our labels can save significant amounts of time, our goals are to make labelling simple, fast and effective while offering exceptional levels of customer service and continue to offer industry-leading innovation – in other words, working to turn Time into Profit®

Prolab®Thermal self-laminating wrap-around cable labels

The polyethylene self-laminating wrap round labels are ideal for data cabling. They incorporate a strong long lasting acrylic adhesive. Typical applications would be industrial Ethernet, data centres etc. Barcoding/QR Coding/Graphics functionality is available via the Professional level Fox-in-a-Box®.

A 300m thermal ribbon will yield approximately 30,000 labels.

These labels have been tested for High/Low Temperature as well as Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System.

‘Repeat Previous Build’ functionality and multiple line options in Advanced/Professional levels, allow you to select more than one line and then quickly/easily repeat information from one line to the next. Or you can add extra information in the multiple lines.

To print all around the cable, several labels in our range offer deeper print areas eg: PSA1/2519T. This allows you to print the same cable ID all around the cable, meaning ID can be read from any side.

Prolab® Laser self-laminating wrap-around cable labels

The Prolab® wrap round self-laminating labels are made from a durable polyester, for long-term bonding to the cable they use a strong acrylic adhesive.

The label sheet is specially constructed to ensure minimum “pre-delamination” when printing.

We offer both 25mm and 50mm width labels, the latter is useful for longer ID’s. Typical applications include: LAN’s, Data Centres, and Industrial Ethernet as well as marine data applications.

Silver Fox is the only company that offers resistor colour coding functionality in our laser software.

The finished printed labels (wrapped around a cable) have been successfully independently tested to 85°C for 1000 hours. They have also been tested for Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System.

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