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The growing popularity of renewable – or ‘green’ – energy has seen a great many solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, or panels, appearing on the roofs of both commercial and domestic buildings in recent years. Using this ‘clean energy’ means that users reduce their carbon emissions by up to one tonne a year. In addition to the environmental benefits, the financial savings start as soon as the system is up and running!

The solar PV cells convert solar radiation into direct current electricity and their numbers have been doubling every two years since 2002. In 2015, the UK was the 2nd largest solar employer with 35,000 people working in the industry.

Solar PV systems can be built in various configurations, notably:

  • Off-grid without battery (array-direct)
  • Off-grid with battery storage for DC-only appliances
  • Off-grid with battery storage for AC and DC appliances
  • Grid-tie without battery
  • Grid-tie with battery storage

However, they all need to be appropriately and durably labelled – for the benefit of installation engineers and users alike. Providing these solar power labels – especially solar power warning labels has become a specialism of Silver Fox.

Our solar panel warning labels are designed for use on solar PV system installations and comprise pre-printed warning labels produced to comply with DTI guidelines (DTI/Pub URN 06/1972 Guide to the installation of PV systems 2nd Edition). Made of high quality, durable polyethylene and inks, with an acrylic adhesive to ensure good performance for both internal and external use, each label measures 92mm x 30mm.

Customers either buy these labels on rolls or sheets. There are ten label types on a roll and there are 100 labels on a roll. Buying the labels in sheets means being provided with eight labels per sheet and ten sheets per pack.

At Silver Fox, we installed our own Solar panels in 2011 and have generated 26,000 KW of electricity so far. We also recently chose to support a solar project in India as part of our mission to become Carbon Neutral.

“Silver Fox has been at the forefront of the development of innovative durable and time-saving labelling solutions for over 30 years – so it was a natural move for us to develop solar power labels,” explained Nick Michaelson, Silver Fox’s CEO. “Our solutions rank up against some of the largest companies in our business and still we’re relentlessly evolving and improving our solutions.”

Engineers want solutions that are easy to set up and easy to use; powerful enough to address their real-world needs; simple and fast to run, from a dependable source and the final products that are reliable and durable. We totally agree!

Of course, in the current economic climate, our customers are increasingly cost-conscious and, in a very important way, using our labels can save them significant amounts of time while also helping their own reduction in Carbon Emissions. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their objectives, saving time and money is important but if we can help them on their way to achieving a reduction in Carbon emissions too then that’s an added bonus!