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Solar photovoltaic systems have been around for decades now and are becoming a more and more popular source of energy for companies looking to decrease their carbon footprint, but also for the domestic market.

Solar PV systems, as with any energised environment, come with electrocution risks and other dangerous hazards that can lead to serious injury or death.

Therefore, the right labelling placed at the right locations will help ensure everyone knows how to properly work on, or with, these types of systems. Clear and unambiguous signage and labelling ensure avoidance of incorrect operation and maintenance:

  • Information and warning plates on the outside of the room and on each access door to all electrical equipment and operating areas
  • Electrical hazard warning signs on all sides of outer perimeter fences, poles and towers with a transformer or switching device.
  • Warning label on capacitors indicating discharge time
  • Emergency signs for emergency exits
  • Cable identification marks inside the transformer cable boxes, immediately outside the transformer cable boxes (single-core cables), inside the indoor switchgear or the outdoor ring main units, immediately outside the indoor switchgear or the outdoor ring main units.

Another consideration is durability, NEC 110.21 states: “The LABEL shall be suitable for the environment where it is installed.”

Silver Fox has independently tested our labels for UV Weathering – ISO 4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1 and the video below compares their performance to our competitors.

A necessity for any PV installation and commissioning process, Silver Fox solutions are durable and independently tested to withstand harsh environments, for example prolonged exposure to UV.

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