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2020 – the year of perfect vision and for all those 17.4 million people here in the UK who voted for Brexit, their vision has come true!  Perfect!

However, for the 16.1 million who voted to remain, many look on with agitation and concern. One thing is for sure – we are in for a bumpy ride and are putting our trust in politicians. Even Her Majesty the Queen felt politicians had an “inability to govern” Sunday Times (August 11th, 2019)

So just one month into this new year,  UK waves goodbye to our membership of the EU. What’s ahead? Well, for a start there will be some tough negotiation between the EU and the UK. The EU wants us to maintain our compliance with EU rules and regulations. So where is the independence in that?  There is even talk, that any international trade deals we negotiate outside the EU, must not be more favourable than anything the EU might have or agree. Excuse me? Say that again! Surely not? 

After all the political turmoil of the last few years, we are now locked in a process, where once again we are sailing in uncharted waters, hoping to be a force in the world. 

We will be negotiating with other industrial nations, many of whom a lot bigger than the UK, both in terms of size of economy and population. Now don’t get me wrong – there were clear benefits to staying in the EU, but then again there were (potentially) clear (future possible) benefits from leaving. In particular, the EU will not make it easy for this disobedient nation. Neither will the US  be falling over themselves, in their trade negotiations, to give us what we want and need. Indeed, the latest (some would say) British – own goal, has been the agreement to allow Huwawi a slice of our G5 network. The Americans are not happy! 

And watch this space – will Northern Ireland and Scotland still be with us in a few year’s time?

And that’s all for the first month of the year. We still have 11 months to go!

Interesting times!

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