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There is nothing “Basic” about our entry-level software!

Since 1997 Silver Fox has been implementing a continuous schedule of software development. Additionally, we often receive feedback from our engineering customer base across the globe, wherever possible we integrate these ideas into future releases. And in conjunction with our unique automated web update functionality, updates are available to all our users.

Depending on the level of software chosen these regular updates have included:

  • Fox-in-a-Box® automatic USB port identification for true Plug’N’Play
  • Colour fonts and backgrounds
  • Resistor Colour coding
  • Multiple list capability
  • Barcodes and QR codes
  • Video help incorporated Barcodes

And many more…. all designed to make your work easier and more straightforward and save you time and frustration.

So, our thanks to all those engineers who have taken the time to assist us in this way. Today more than ever time savings are critical.

TIP – Time into Profit®


There is a one-off license fee that is on a per-desk basis and free technical support is offered to all our customers.


To protect your investment, should there be a need for higher levels of functionality, you can seamlessly upgrade to a higher level. To make this easy and cost-effective, the upgrade price is the current incremental cost between the levels, plus a small administration fee.

We offer a completely free entry-level version of the software which includes the following functionality:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Type information into Data Entry Box
  • Internal help videos
  • Integrated Context-sensitive help module
  • Create a sequence
  • Font – “Size to fit”
  • Fine tune print position on labels
  • Templates for all our Laser Labels

Also included is a free, 3-day trial for each level of the software. Users get the opportunity to trial each level of the software at any time they choose. Today, next week or next month. That’s 3 individual days trial for each level, 9 days in total!

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With all this in mind, we have decided to rename our Basic Labacus® Innovator software, to Labacus® Innovator-Lite. As there is definitely nothing “Basic” about the Silver Fox entry-level software!

Download the Labacus® Innovator-Lite here

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