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What cable label or wire marker do I need?

Making sure your label or marker application is right first time can save you both time and money in the long run. Nobody wants to go back and replace the idents after installation if they don’t stand up to requirements. Things to consider when selecting your cable labels or markers: Environmental Factors
  • Will the markers be in contact with oil, water, chemicals or solvents?
  • Does the application have Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) requirements?
  • Is there any government specification that needs to be met?
  • Are there any other environmental factors that need to be considered such as UV weathering?
Polyolefin markers and sleeves remain legible in wet environments and have excellent resistance against chemicals and high temperatures, we also provide a LSZH version. PVC markers offer excellent durability and are ideal for general commercial applications. Polyester markers offer good resistance to elevated temperatures and can be printed with an ordinary laser printer. When will they idents be applied? An important consideration when selecting labels or markers is whether they will be applied before or after termination. Before termination— Sleeves such as heat shrink, non-shrink and 2-part labels are applied over the open end of a wire or cable so they can only be used before termination. These non-adhesive markers provide flexibility as they can be moved around. After termination— Self-laminating, Flag and Wrap-Around markers can be used either before or after termination. Other questions to ask:
  • Do you require a temporary or permanent marker?
  • Do you prefer adhesive or non-adhesive markers?
  • How much information do you need to fit on the label?
Once you’ve determined your application requirements, it’s easy to narrow down which marker type will work best for you. Wrap Around labels— Self-laminating wrap round labels provide long-lasting identification solution but can be a permanent or temporary solution. To print all around the cable, some of the labels in our range offer a deeper print area. This means you can print the same cable ident all around the cable and it can be read from any side. These self-laminating markers include a clear portion of the label that, when applied, will wrap around and laminate the ident, protecting it. Flags— Use flag label when you want to limit contact surface between your wire and identification solution, while also maximizing label space to print on. This is a great solution for labelling wires that are already attached. The special shoulder design helps the user to align the label when fitting. Tie on labels— Tie on labels can offer a lot of space for identification data due to the flexibility in sizing. They provide hard-wearing idents for both indoor and outdoor use. Tie on labels are usually attached with cable ties. Sleeves— Sleeves can be moved along the wire or cable to enable you to adjust sleeve position once cables are terminated. Once positioned our Non-shrink tubing stays in place due to the special oval shape design, that grips the wire. Once the heat has been applied, heat shrink provides a permanent durable label identification and the key benefit of the 2-part system is that the Ident can be changed even after termination without cutting the wire. Print your own or buy Pre-Printed? Depending on what your specific project requires, printing your own labels and buying them pre-printed both have their benefits. Print your own labels using our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit or we use our custom preprint service.
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