How to Label Ethernet Cables, Network Cables, and Data Centres: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Label Ethernet Cables, Network Cables, and Data Centres: A Comprehensive Guide

Labelling in data centres, Ethernet setups, and network configurations is critical for efficiency, safety, and compliance. Silver Fox offers innovative labelling solutions tailored for these environments, including ProLab® Laser Self-Laminating Wrap-Around Cable Labels for Ethernet and network cables, Legend™ Laser Tie-On Cable Labels for versatile applications, and Legend™ Laser 2-Part System Cable Markers designed for specific labelling needs.

Part 1: Choosing and Designing with Silver Fox® Solutions

Selecting the Right Labelling Product

For Ethernet and network cables, Wrap-Around Labels provide a durable and reliable identification method. These labels feature a self-laminating design that protects the printed area from environmental factors, ensuring long-term legibility and resilience.

In broader data centre applications, the choice between Cable Labels and Cable Markers depends on the specific requirements of the installation. Cable Labels offer a robust solution for various network components, while Cable Markers, used with special tubing, offer a unique flexibility that allows for labelling at any stage of the cable installation or maintenance process.

Designing Labels with Labacus Innovator®

Silver Fox's Labacus Innovator® software is a powerful tool for creating precise, compliant, and visually appealing labels. Whether you're utilising Wrap-Around Labels for individual cables or marking larger infrastructure components with Cable Labels or Markers, Labacus Innovator® provides an intuitive platform for all design needs.

Download and Install Labacus Innovator®: Ensure compatibility and high-quality printing by starting with Labacus Innovator®, designed to seamlessly integrate with Silver Fox labels.

Customise Your Design: The software's design tools allow for the addition of essential details such as identification numbers, barcodes, and logos. Adjust font sizes, styles, and alignment easily, making your labels informative and aesthetically pleasing.

Preview and Finalise: Before printing, use the 'Preview' feature to thoroughly check your design, ensuring accuracy and preventing potential application issues.

This initial phase is crucial for setting up a successful labelling system, laying the groundwork for efficient cable management and identification within data centres and network infrastructures.

Part 2: Printing and Applying Silver Fox® Labelling Solutions

After designing your labels with Labacus Innovator®, the next steps involve printing these designs onto Silver Fox’s high-quality labels and correctly applying them to your cables and equipment. This process is crucial for ensuring that your labelling efforts contribute positively to the organisation and management of your data centre, Ethernet, and network configurations.

Printing Your Labels with Precision

Preparation: Ensure your printer is appropriately set up for the specific type of labels you are using. Laser printers are generally recommended for Wrap-Around Labels due to their ability to produce durable and legible prints that withstand environmental challenges.

Loading the Label Sheets: Insert the Silver Fox label sheets into your printer, following the manufacturer's guidelines. This step is vital for avoiding printing errors and ensuring the labels are produced to the highest standard.

Configuring Printer Settings: In Labacus Innovator®, navigate to 'File' > 'Print', and select your printer. Adjust the print settings to match the Silver Fox label material you're using, ensuring optimal print quality.

Executing the Print Job: With everything in place, print your labels. The combination of Silver Fox’s materials and Labacus Innovator®’s precision ensures your labels will be perfectly suited for their intended application.

Applying Your Labels Correctly

Wrap-Around Labels: Before applying, ensure the cable surface is clean to improve adhesion. Wrap the label snugly around the cable, making sure the laminating portion covers the printed area to protect it from moisture, abrasion, and other environmental factors.

Cable Labels: These are typically tied to the cable using cable ties. Ensure the label is securely fastened and positioned for easy visibility and scanning.

Cable Markers: Begin by sliding the special tubing onto the wire before termination. This innovative design allows for the label to be inserted at any stage, providing flexibility in labelling. The tubing serves as a protective and stabilising element for the label, ensuring it remains in place and legible over time.

The application method for each label type is designed to maximise durability and legibility, catering to the unique needs of different cables and environments within data centres.

Maintaining the integrity and readability of your labels is paramount, especially in data centre environments where efficient troubleshooting and maintenance are essential. Regular inspections and careful handling will help extend the life of your labels, ensuring they continue to serve their purpose effectively.

Part 3: Maintaining Label Integrity in Data Centres

After successfully designing, printing, and applying Silver Fox labels to your Ethernet and network cables, as well as within your broader data centre infrastructure, the focus shifts to maintaining these labels. Proper maintenance ensures that your labelling efforts provide lasting benefits, supporting efficient operations and compliance within your data centre environment.

Ensuring Longevity and Legibility of Labels

Routine Inspections: Regular checks are essential to identify any signs of wear, damage, or fading on your labels. Early detection allows for timely replacement or repair, maintaining the integrity of your cable management system.

Minimising Direct Handling: To preserve the labels' quality, limit direct contact as much as possible. The oils and dirt from hands can degrade the label material and adhesive over time, reducing legibility and adherence.

Protecting Against Environmental Factors: Data centres can expose labels to a range of environmental conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and dust. While Silver Fox labels are designed to withstand harsh environments, additional measures like using protective sleeving over cables can further protect the labels.

Leveraging Labacus Innovator® for Ongoing Management

Labacus Innovator® isn’t just a tool for the initial creation of labels; it's also an invaluable resource for ongoing cable and label management:

Digital Record-Keeping: Maintain a comprehensive digital library of your label designs within Labacus Innovator®. This repository makes updating and reprinting labels as your infrastructure evolves a straightforward process.

Adapting to Changes: The dynamic nature of data centre environments means changes are frequent. Having the ability to quickly update and print new labels ensures that your labelling system remains accurate and up-to-date, facilitating smooth operations and compliance with industry standards.

Best Practices for Cable Labelling in Data Centres

To maximise the benefits of your Silver Fox labelling solutions, consider adopting the following best practices:

Consistency: Apply a consistent labelling scheme across your data centre. Consistent use of colour coding, label positioning, and information formatting aids in quick identification and reduces errors during maintenance or upgrades.

Comprehensive Coverage: Utilise a mix of Wrap-Around Labels for individual cables and Cable Labels or Markers for larger cable bundles and infrastructure components. Ensuring every element is clearly labelled simplifies management and enhances safety.

Education and Documentation: Ensure all team members are familiar with the labelling system and have access to up-to-date documentation. Training on the importance of label maintenance and the procedures for updating or replacing labels promotes a culture of accountability and precision in cable management.


The effective labelling of Ethernet cables, network cables, and data centre components is crucial for maintaining an organised, efficient, and safe environment. By implementing Silver Fox’s Wrap-Around Labels, Cable Labels, and Cable Markers, and adhering to a consistent maintenance regime supported by Labacus Innovator®, your data centre can achieve and sustain high standards of operation and compliance.

Silver Fox is committed to providing high-quality, innovative labelling solutions designed to meet the unique demands of data centre environments. We thank you for choosing Silver Fox for your labelling needs and look forward to continuing to support your efforts in maintaining a well-organised, efficient, and compliant data centre infrastructure.

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