Labacus Innovator® Software

How do I know what software I need?

See a breakdown of the varying functionality for each level of the Labacus Innovator® software on our software overview page:

Alternatively, watch this video for a more in-depth look at the different functionality available…

Where can I download the software from?

Follow this link: your details and download the software, then follow the provided instructions.

Do I need a thermal printer driver?

No, all the drivers for the DTP-1/300 printer are included in the Labacus Innovator® software.

Do I need to pay a subscription for Labacus Innovator®?

No, Labacus Innovator® is currently supplied as a perpetual single desk licence.

Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal Printer

Which labels can I print with the Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal Printer

You can print all the labels from the Silver Fox thermal range, found here:

My Labacus Innovator® software hasn't automatically selected a printer port. How do I fix it?

Make sure you have administration rights over the printer. You need to be able to “Print”, “Manage Printer” and “Manage Documents”. If you have administration rights, restart your computer, and make sure the printer is connected and switched on before you start Labacus Innovator®.

The lights are flashing on my printer. What is wrong?

Flashing lights normally mean something is wrong with the printer.You can find a list of common errors here

Thermal Labels

What is low-smoke zero-halogen?

Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (LSZH or LSOH) is a type of plastic used in the wire and cable industry for cable jacketing. LSZH cable jacketing is custom compounded to produce minimal smoke and low toxicity when exposed to fire. Silver Fox’s Fox-Flo is LSZH. They also have LSZH Heatshrink in roll and ladder format. This is a higher grade to both Low-Smoke labels and Zero-Halogen labels.

Which tie-on cable label should I use?

This depends on the application; we have three types of thermal tie-ons. Fox-Flo®, Fox®, and Legend™ Tie-ons. Fox-Flo® is UV stable and Low Smoke Zero Halogen so perfect for outdoor applications or where smoke and halogen emissions are a key factor. Fox® is made from PVC which means that it is fantastic for general commercial applications with limited outdoor exposure. Legend™ Tie-ons can also be used indoors but tend to be used in the data and telecommunications sector.

Laser Labels

What type of laser printer can I use to print my laser labels?

Any type of laser printer will work to print onto your laser label sheets. Ensure you are using a colour laser printer if you wish to print in colour.

Do you have a laser printer that you recommend?

No, any laser printer should print our labels.

Will these work on an inkjet printer?


Laser Engraved

What's the difference between Traffolyte & laser engraved acrylic?

These are often confused and interchanged but we have made a video to help point out the major differences: