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Silver Fox Limited

CommScope® Labelling Software

CommScope® Labelling Software

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The CommScope Labelling Software is specially developed for CommScope SYSTIMAX® patch panels with just your PC and an ordinary office laser printer. 

Download the free-of-charge 9-day trial to test out the software. 

There are 3 levels of CommScope SYSTIMAX® software:

  • Basic - free of charge with limited functionality 
  • Advanced - one-time fee
  • Professional - one-time fee

The functionality increases as a user progresses through the ranks and comes with free-of-charge training, support, and lifetime feature updates. 

You can purchase the labels from any CommScope reseller globally.

Are you using lots of patch panels from multiple OEMs? Check out Silver Fox's Prolab® Patch Panel Module, which allows users to print a label for any copper patch panel, past, present and future. 

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