Labacus Innovator® Label Software from Silver Fox® Now Integrates with Fluke Networks® LinkWare™ Live and Versiv™ Testers - WEBINAR

Labacus Innovator® Label Software from Silver Fox® Now Integrates with Fluke Networks® LinkWare™ Live and Versiv™ Testers - WEBINAR


In a significant development for the field of cable and equipment labelling, Silver Fox has announced the integration of their Labacus Innovator® and Labelflex® label software for Belden with Fluke Networks®' LinkWare Live and Versiv testers. This integration is set to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and expand functionality for engineers and contractors working on labelling and testing projects. By combining the strengths of both Silver Fox and Fluke Networks®, this collaboration aims to revolutionise the way labelling and testing are managed in the field.


What is LinkWare™ Live?

LinkWare Live is a cloud-based platform from Fluke Networks® that streamlines the management of test results from Fluke® testers. Its core features include:

  • Direct Upload of Test Results: Users can upload test results directly from the job site over Wi-Fi, ensuring that data is secure and easily accessible. This functionality eliminates the risk of losing results due to tester damage or loss.
  • Remote Configuration and Management: The platform allows for remote configuration of testers, management of software versions, calibration status, and tracking of tester locations.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring: Project managers can track the status of testing from any mobile device, providing real-time updates on test results and ensuring that projects stay on schedule.

Challenges Addressed by LinkWare™ Live

A critical challenge faced by contractors is ensuring that cable identifiers match across labels, test results, and reports. Mismatched identifiers can lead to significant delays and errors. LinkWare Live addresses this by maintaining a single database for identifiers, ensuring consistency and reducing the chances of costly mistakes. This integration is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects where precision and efficiency are paramount.


Key Aspects of the Silver Fox Label Solution: 


  • One Software, One Printer, One Ribbon: Simplifying the labelling process by eliminating the need for multiple printers and label types. This approach reduces confusion and streamlines operations.
  • Rigorously Tested Labels: Silver Fox labels undergo extensive testing to ensure durability and reliability in various conditions. This rigorous testing includes exposure to UV, heat, and other environmental factors.
  • Lifetime Free-of-Charge Feature Updates: Silver Fox provides free updates to their software, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest features without additional costs.
  • Unique Patch Panel Labelling Solution: Silver Fox offers a one-of-a-kind solution for designing and printing labels for any patch panel from any OEM, past, present, or future.

Benefits of the Integration between Labacus Innovator and Fluke Networks® LinkWare Live 

The integration of Labacus Innovator® and Labelflex® label software with LinkWare Live brings several significant benefits:

  1. Reduced Errors: By synchronising the systems and minimising human interaction, the likelihood of errors is significantly reduced. This leads to more accurate labelling and testing results.
  2. Time Savings: The integration streamlines the labelling and testing process, allowing for quicker project completion. This efficiency translates into cost savings and improved project timelines.
  3. Increased Functionality: Users benefit from enhanced features and capabilities, ensuring they have the most efficient and up-to-date tools at their disposal.

Unique Features of the Integration

The integration introduces several unique features designed to enhance usability and efficiency:

  • Trim Function: This feature allows users to shorten and print identifiers for patch panels using the same source as cable IDs, thereby reducing errors. This is particularly useful for managing long identifiers that may not fit on patch panels.
  • Filter by Results: This feature enables users to print labels based on the status of tests (PASS, FAIL, UNTESTED), ensuring that only necessary labels are printed. This functionality helps in managing large projects more effectively.
  • Select Range of Labels: Users can select and print a specific range of labels, making it easier to manage large projects. This feature allows for better organisation and workflow management.

The LinkWare Live Label Process

To understand how this integration works in practice, consider the following steps:

  1. Project Creation in LinkWare Live: Users create a project in LinkWare Live, assigning tests and creating cable IDs.
  2. Importing Data into Labacus Innovator: The project data is imported into the Labacus Innovator software, where labels are generated based on the cable IDs.
  3. Label Printing: Using the Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box® printer, labels are printed and applied to the cables.
  4. Testing and Uploading Results: The cables are tested using Fluke Networks® Versiv testers, and the results are uploaded to LinkWare Live.
  5. Verification: Project managers can verify that all identifiers match across the labels and test results, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. A large system integrator working on data centre projects reported a significant reduction in labelling time, from one month with a previous supplier to just three days with Silver Fox. This dramatic improvement underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of the integration.



The integration of Silver Fox's Labacus Innovator® and Labelflex® label software with Fluke Networks®' LinkWare Live and Versiv testers represents a significant advancement in the field of cable and equipment labelling and testing. By combining the strengths of both systems, users can achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, and functionality, ultimately leading to more successful project outcomes. This collaboration not only simplifies the process but also ensures that all elements of a project are synchronised and error-free, making it an invaluable tool for engineers and contractors worldwide.


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