What is ANSI TIA 606-B Cable Labelling Standards?

What is ANSI TIA 606-B Cable Labelling Standards?

The ANSI TIA 606-B Cable Labelling Standards are a set of voluntary guidelines that are used in labelling and recording data about the wires used for computer systems. This covers most types of IT environments including Datacentres and telephone & Internet providers.

The standards are voluntary, but a growing number of businesses use them because of the benefits provided by clear labelling of infrastructure components.

The standards have the following requirements:

  • Consistency – These standards are followed throughout all areas of a building, and all buildings within the company. This helps to ensure that everyone who works on the cabling will be able to understand the labels at all times.
  • Identify Physical Locations – The labels identify which physical location they are going to. Depending on the facility, this will include information about the room, floor, and building involved.
  • Easy to Read – Labels are printed on high-quality label stock, and with a good printer, to help ensure the text on them is easy to read.
  • Durable – The print stock used is made to last long periods of time. The cables often last for many years, and the labels should last just as long. This applies both to the physical label, and the print on it, which should not fade.
  • Pervasive – All cables are labelled at both ends to ensure anyone who comes into the facility will be able to get the information they need able these wires.

In order to meet ANSI TIA 606-B requirements Labels should be:

  • Permanent – The labels are permanently placed onto the cables.
  • Identified at Both Ends – Both ends of the cables are labelled.
  • Termination Points Identified – The termination points are identified on the labels.
  • Legible – Labels are legible, which typically means they have been machine printed rather than handwritten.
  • Match with Records – Information on the labels are recorded along with any subsequent changes made.

A properly labelled system will benefit everyone – IT technicians, electricians, contractors and facility managers. Choosing the right cable labels and wire identification solution will save both time and money in the long term, the Silver Fox Labacus® Innovator Software used in conjunction with any standard laser printer or our Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal printer can print a variety of labels suitable to meet the requirements of ANSI TIA 606B.

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