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Silver Fox has over 40 years of experience solving labelling challenges for Data and Telecom, and Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers. We value local expertise in regulations and processes and are always on the look-out for new partners. Silver Fox focuses on fewer but more specialist and hard working distributors in each market/segment as opposed to collecting as many as possible. Our distributors traditionally carry complementary products to ours but for some, our labels are their main product.

As a distributor, you'll receive extensive training and marketing support from Silver Fox. However, we're not looking for distributors who already carry a competing brand, are not committed to active promotion, or lack the ambition to grow in their market.

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United Kingdom

Distributors: Thorne & Derrick, Farnell, NBM, Ellencomms, Altnets, BEW, Anixter

Resellers: CEF, YESSS Electrical, Edmundson Electrical, TLC Electrical Supplies, Moss Electrical, Rexel, RS Components, Unipart, Softcat, Computacenter, Cable Glands UK, Mayflex, Networks Centre, Comms Centre, Netceed.


Distributors: Enkom Active, Wood Comms, Anixter

Resellers: Baltic Project Group


Distributors: Jainex, Anixter, Delta Sama Jaya, Element14

Resellers: Natron Industries


Distributors: Anixter, Digi-Key, Newark

Resellers: Arrow, Future Electronics, Unipart, RS Components


Distributors: Element14, Anixter

Middle East

Distributors: Arabian Falcon, Rezayat Trading, Hydro-C, Dominus Trading, Anixter

Resellers: Netceed

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