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Prolab® Patch Panel Module

Prolab® Patch Panel Module

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So many different patch panels, so many different port and label variations...

With the Prolab® Patch Panel Module we've got you covered for every variation. Why not make it easier for yourself? With the Prolab® Patch Panel Module you can:

  • Save time
  • Prepare and print your own labels – fast
  • Take back control
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Job Done!

Easily prepare and print patch panel labels, save time and take back control!

And that's not all!

  • Includes free of charge training
  • Includes free of charge support
  • Includes free of charge software updates

The Patch Panel Module makes labelling patch panels a breeze...

The engineer "at the coal face" is best able to identify exactly what patch panel label/layout is required. The Professional level of Fox-in-a-Box®, gives them the power. Measure layout. Set-up template. Enter information. Print. All in minutes. Save template/job for future use. Any OEM panel copper/fibre. Print your cable wraps on the same printer with the same ribbon. Simple Really. Really simple.

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Using the Prolab® Patch Panel Labels

Prolab label rolls, supplied with different strip heights. Kiss-cut (adhesive) or perforated (non-adhesive) - according to application. Design template quickly, print multiple strips all at the same time. Print speed 100mm/second (that's up to 60 panels in one minute!). No more slow slow printing, one strip at a time. No more long chains to buyer then engraver and back and forth. Do it quickly, do it now and do it fast.

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