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We are delighted to confirm that Monday, January 13th marks the release of the new and very much improved Labacus® Innovator software version

So what’s in it for you?

Print fine-tune

  • Graphical fine-tune – drag and drop image to where it appears on your test print and your software will automatically adjust the print to the correct position
  • Automatic prompting to print a test page (can also be switched on/off by the user)


  • Complete range of official Belden LabelFlex® templates included on all levels
  • Updated official CommScope® templates included on all levels
  • Typing Label header – improved options


  • Improved functionality in the label workshop making it more intuitive


  • Drag and Drop graphics – Into the label workshop meaning that you can place graphics onto a particular line on the label as required. (Professional)
  • Rotate graphics on the label (Professional)
  • Graphics images embedded into job enabling these images to be sent (e-mailed) with job

Thermal Printing

  • Rollback function between print runs  – Reduces label waste
  • Enhanced printer control for faster smoother automatic USB port identification
  • Full range of our new Ladder Heatshrink templates
  • Full range of our new High-Performance Tape templates
  • 100 x 100 Asset Label template
  • Option offering wide central strip on a number of tie-on cable labels (Professional)

To update your software follow the instructions below*:

*Please note you may have a different version number of the software than shown in this post

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