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Labacus Innovator® Trial

Labacus Innovator® Trial

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With the free Labacus Innovator® Trial (Windows only) you receive 9 days of full use (3 at basic, 3 at Advanced, and 3 at Professional) These are not 9 continuous days, but as and when you start up the software. Today, three weeks time, and then even a few months after that - 9 times.
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Time Saving with Labacus Innovator®

With its intuitive interface and extensive design tools, Labacus Innovator® makes label creation a breeze. Add text, graphics, barcodes, and more to your labels. Start by downloading our free trial to begin designing and printing professional labels with ease.

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  • Basic

    • Cut and paste from spreadsheets straight into the software
    • Automated USB port identification
    • Seamlessly change between label types
  • Advanced

    • All functionality of the Basic
    • From CSV Spreadsheet – Import single columns/merge multiple columns
    • Multiple line labels
    • Choose your own font size
    • Print 2 rolls of heat-shrink/non-shrink at same time
  • Professional

    • All functionality of the Advanced
    • Full spreadsheet view/import
    • Select specific cells
    • Produce cross ferrules
    • Variable quantity duplication for cable IDs
    • Bar Codes and QR Codes
    • Import graphics onto labels
    • Special Professional satellite

Print on Standard Office Laser Printer

Since no special equipment is required, labels can be edited on the Labacus Innovator® software and then printed in 20 seconds (the time it takes for the sheet to run through the printer) - using this solution is simple and fast.

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The Different Levels Of Labacus Innovator®