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Silver Fox offers a focused and practical range of Cable and Equipment labelling. Although based and uniquely manufacturing in the UK, Silver Fox also has a number of distributors around the world, catering to their own local markets and industry specifics. Each month, Silver Fox shines a spotlight on one of our distributors, highlighting their ongoing good work.  

Silver Fox are proud of the business-partner relationship we have with all distributors, especially in the current COVID-19 climate, where now more than ever it is important to work together.

This month, our distributor in focus, is Thorne & Derrick, a UK and International business working in cable installations, cable jointing, substations, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, MV & HV. Throne and Derrick are customer responsive and have been committed to providing a world-class customer service for over 25 years.

With most of us sat safely at home, enjoying lockdown with our families, infrastructure projects like overhead lines and substations continue to go ahead, and deadlines continue to be met. Companies such as Thorne & Derrick are an important piece of the puzzle that’s keeping daily lives at home going, and we would all like to thank them for that.

Silver Fox together with Thorne and Derrick are proud to continue working in this difficult time, supporting the UK and global economy and projects in the oil and gas, rail, power, renewables,  and industrial sectors.

Stay safe,

Silver Fox Team

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