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Product Overview

Here you can find an overview of Silver Fox labelling solutions and products.



Silver Fox offer 3 levels of Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit:      Basic      Advanced      Professional Same printer and ribbon are shared at all levels. This common platform protects your investment and ensures the Silver Fox solution is easy and straightforward to use while at the same time offering a seamless upgrade from one level to another. Your investment is further protected as our software automatically updates over the web, giving you the latest functionality FOC.

What’s included in Fox-in-a-Box? Software: Labacus Innovator® Basic or Advanced or Professional DTP1/300 Thermal Printer Full length Thermal Ribbon (300m) Printer Leads Full Instruction Manual Full Technical Support FOC

Labacus Innovator® Software

Silver Fox offer 4 levels of our Labacus Innovator software:

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional

DOWNLOAD/TEST DRIVE SOFTWARE You can download a free trial of our Basic software – get FOC 3 SEPARATE days trial for Basic,  Advanced, and Professional levels (9 days total). The same software is used to drive our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal kit.

Labacus® Innovator Software

Cable & Wire Labels

Silver Fox produce a wide range of highly durable cable labels, wire markers and ferrule solutions. Depending on the label style/format, these can be prepared and printed using:

  • Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit
  • Labacus Innovator® software with a standard office laser printer

We offer a range of durable, stringently tested cable and wire labelling solutions. Our solutions can be printed using one software, one printer, one ribbon with our Fox-in-a-Box® solution, or using a normal office laser printer. Otherwise we offer bespoke and pre-printed services.

Fox-in-a-Box® Printer Kit Products:

Fox-Flo® UV Stable, LSZH Tie-on Legend™ Premium Heatshrink
Fox® Tie-on Legend™ LSZH Heatshrink
Legend™ Tie-on Legend™ 2-Part
Legend™ Non-Shrink Prolab® Wrap-around

Labacus Innovator® Software Using Ordinary Office Laser Printer   Legend™ Tie-on   Prolab® Optical Fibre Flag   Prolab® Wrap-around   Legend™ 2-Part Bespoke Factory Produced Engraved Labels   Endurance® Laser Engraved   Endurance® Stainless Steel  

Equipment Labels

Silver Fox offer a wide range of highly durable equipment labels. Depending on the label style/format, these can be prepared/printed using either the Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit or Labacus Innovator® software and a standard office laser printer.


Prolab® Raised Profile Prolab® Asset Endurance® Valve Tags EQUIPMENT LABELS – USING LABACUS INNOVATOR® SOFTWARE & ORDINARY OFFICE LASER PRINTER Prolab® P/TAG Prolab® Patch Panel Prolab® Wiring Blocks BESPOKE ENGRAVED EQUIPMENT LABELS – MADE TO ORDER Endurance® Laser Engraved Endurance® Traffolyte Engraved Endurance® Stainless Steel Endurance® Metal Tags

Engraved Labels
For more information call our sales team on +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email

Engraved Labels

Whether you need the traditional “Traffolyte” engraved labels or acrylic laser engraved labels, we can produce either to the exact sizes required, with/without adhesive, with/without holes all prepared with the exact messages required. We also offer stainless steel laser engraved equipment labels and tie-on cable labels as well as valve tags, for example made from brass. What engraved labels do Silver Fox offer? Endurance® Laser Engraved Endurance® Stainless Steel  Endurance Traffolyte Endurance® Stainless Steel Tie-on Endurance® Metal Tags

Pipe & Valve Labels

Pipe & Valve Labels

Silver Fox offers a growing range of time saving durable pipe and valve identification solutions:

Uniquely Endurance

External Grade Pipe ID Tape has been tested for 6500 hours simulated UV ageing while Endurance Modular and Endurance Engraved acrylic material have undergone 8000 hours.

Endurance Engraved labels are available in Acrylic – suitable for indoor and outdoor use,  Mechanically engraved phenolic material for rail/metro applications and Stainless Steel for applications across the spread including Oil and Gas.

While all of the above are produced in our factory to your exact requirements. Our new Endurance PVC Valve Tags can be printed locally in conjunction with our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit.

Endurance® Pipe ID – External
Endurance® Pipe ID – Internal
Endurance® Modular ID System
Endurance® Valve Tags
Endurance® Laser Engraved
Endurance® Stainless-Steel

ribbon no background resize

Thermal Ribbon & Accessories 

Silver Fox offer a standard ribbon available in 3 sizes, as well as a range of coloured ribbon options.

Thermal ribbons for use with the Silver Fox DTP-1/300 ‘Plug’N’Play’ thermal printer.

Ribbon is available in 25mm, 50mm and 110mm lengths, all are 300m. When purchasing the 25mm ribbon, you receive 2 rolls within 1 box, resulting in 600m of ribbon in total.

Coloured ribbon is also available for our Fo-Flo®  range of cable labels. 

For more information or to dicuss your requirements in further detail, contact our sales team on: +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email

Pre-Printed Label Service

Even though our solutions are designed to save time. Sometimes even that is not enough. Our Custom Pre-print service, helps free-up valuable extra resource. Silver Fox can pre-print your labels then deliver to UK (or international) sites, making a very real contribution by helping you to meet tight project deadlines.

Choose from our entire range of label solutions, or mix and match as your project requires, including engraved labels. Depending on order timing/delivery/location labels can be on-site as early as next day. We also happy to discuss bespoke Site Ready Packs. These can be called off/delivered to different sites as required. For more information and to discuss your needs please contact our sales team on: 

+44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email

Site Ready Packs

Whether it’s one site or one hundred sites, Silver Fox can produce site-ready label packs, that contain all the labels needed to match your exact site needs. Typically, packs may be made up from any of our range including: Tie-on Cable Labels/Cable Ties/Wrap Round Self-laminating Cable labels/Wire Markers/Equipment Labels/Patch Panel Labels/Asset Tags/Engraved Labels/Valve Tags. Site ready packs: open bag and fit labels. HOW IS IT SET UP? We discuss your needs, then, between us we put together the initial site ready pack. We then produce and submit to you for approval, changing and evolving as required. If accepted, this is then the standard from which we produce the packs. You can adjust, as required, as your project evolves. For immediate shipment, we can pre-prepare the site packs. In short they’re available off the shelf for next day delivery. For more information and to discuss your needs please contact our sales team on: +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email If you don’t require Site Ready Packs but still require any amount of different pre-printed labels that we produce, why not try our Pre-Printed Label Service.