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The Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer is an ideal solution for cable and equipment labels across your projects. This versatile printer enables you to go from printing low-smoke zero halogen tie-no's, to wrap-around self-laminating labels, to asset tags, within a matter of seconds using just one software, one printer, and one ribbon.

  • Labacus Innovator® license
  • Print 160+ label variations
  • Includes YouTube Tutorial Set
  • Includes FOC Lifetime Updates
  • FOC Rapid Support Team


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    "As engineers, we know that time is not always on our side...

    at Silver Fox®, our goal was to design a comprehensive labelling solution that could be integrated straight onto your desk - removing the arduous and unnecessary back-and-forth to chop and change between printers. Ultimately saving you time, that can then be spent on the tasks that really move the needle."

    Alex Michaelson BEng MIET, Head of Research & Development

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    Why the Fox-in-a-Box® is trusted globally

    ✔ Print over 160+ variations of cable and equipment labels

    ✔ ‘Roll-back’ calibration reduces waste labels

    ✔ Efficiently switch label type without a change in printer

    ✔ Extensive YouTube tutorial set that is always being updated.

    ✔ Includes a FREE Labacus Innovator® license for high performance editing

    ✔ Future proof your investment with lifetime updates

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    Print Your Labels Faster - Time into Profit!

    Choose from our three levels...

    With our Basic, Advanced & Professional levels, you can tailor the system to match the needs of your project and when the time is right for you, seamlessly upgrade to unlock greater functionality – we want to grow with you!

    • Basic

      • Cut and paste from spreadsheets straight into the software
      • Automated USB port identification
      • Seamlessly change between label types
    • Advanced

      • All functionality of the Basic
      • From CSV Spreadsheet – Import single columns/merge multiple columns
      • Multiple line labels
      • Choose your own font size
      • Print 2 rolls of heat-shrink/non-shrink at same time
    • Professional

      • All functionality of the Advanced
      • Full spreadsheet view/import
      • Select specific cells
      • Produce cross ferrules
      • Variable quantity duplication for cable IDs
      • Bar Codes and QR Codes
      • Import graphics onto labels
      • Special Professional satellite

    And that's not all!

    • Includes free of charge training
    • Includes free of charge support
    • Includes free of charge software updates

    'Good to knows'

    Thermal Printer

    • Printer: DTP-1 300dpi thermal printer
    • Technology: Thermal Transfer
    • Resolution: 300 dpi
    • RAM: 8mb
    • Weight: 4.5kgs
    • Interface: USB
    • Dimensions: 231mm (W), 289mm (L), 270mm (H)
    • Harmonised System (HS) Code: 84433210
    • Available in 230v or 120v (230v is sold as the standard, unless otherwise requested or the customer is in North America)


    • In-house developed Labacus Innovator® Basic / Advanced / Professional
    • Web download
    • Suitable for Windows OS (Windows 7 64-bit & up)
    • Suitable for 4K screens

    Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    All Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printers come with a 300m thermal transfer ribbon. Either the:

    • TSR3/300/110
    • TSR/300/60
    • TSR/300/25

    The ribbons are available in 110, 60, or 25mm widths

    The ribbon width impacts the width of labels you are able t print. For more information, check out the Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal Transfer Ribbon page

    Label Guidance System

    To print some types of thermal labels through the Fox-in-a-Box®, an additional guidance system is required.

    • To print Fox® or Fox-Flo® - LGS4
    • To print Legend™ Non-Shrink & Legend™ Heatshrink (continuous roll) - LGS3


    • USB printer cable (connection to PC)
    • Kettle Lead (Power)


    • Included with all Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printers is a quick start manual to reduce set-up time
    • The manual has recommended printer settings for over 160+ label types that go through the Fox-in-a-Box®

    Free-of-Charge Support

    Full Free-of-Charge technical support via:

    • TeamViewer
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Phone - +44 (0) 1707 37 37 27
    • Email -
    • Whatsapp for Business

    Users of the Fox-in-a-Box® are encouraged to book in a time with the support team at their earliest convenience to go through the solution and make sure they re getting the most out of their investment.

    Contact Silver Fox support here.

    Rapid Support Team

    Our engineers and support staff work tirelessly to ensure that the software is aligned with the most recent technological advancements and that it meets the demands of all of our customers. And to protect your investment, we guarantee that every system remains automatically up to date with the most recent developments.

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    • “Helpful and knowledgeable with a quick turnaround and clear communication. Very professional and courteous staff. Would highly recommend.”

      - A, MURPHY

    • “I have been working with Silver Fox for over 3 years now and they are always looking for ways to improve their products and support in order to add value for their customers. A very professional company to work with.”

      - S, ARMITAGE

    • “The team at Silverfox are nothing short of a delight to work with. They know they're products and market inside out, only deal in quality and nothing is to big of an ask. If you are looking for labelling solutions I couldn't recommend them enough.”

      - S, BANGLE

    Print 160+ Thermal Label Types with the Fox-in-a-Box®

    If you would like to learn more about our Fox-in-a-Box® solution email us at or click the link below to visit our website.

    Click below to speak to one of our team!

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    How to setup the Fox-in-a-Box®

    To find out how easy it is to set up your Fox-in-a-Box – watch the video below.  Plus remember, if needed there is free support and training every step of the way with Whatsapp, Teamviewer & Teams.


    Which labels can I print with the Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer?

    You can print all the labels from the Silver Fox thermal range, found here:

    My Labacus Innovator® software hasn’t automatically selected a printer port. How do I fix it?

    Make sure you have administration rights over the printer. You need to be able to “Print”, “Manage Printer” and “Manage Documents”. If you have administration rights, restart your computer, and make sure the printer is connected and switched on before you start Labacus Innovator®.

    The lights are flashing on my printer. What is wrong?

    Flashing lights normally mean something is wrong with the printer. You can find a list of common errors here